Creative Writing Courses

You can sign up for all or some of the weeks.

All workshops are writing intensive and designed to get you experimenting in your writing.

There are a number of bursaries available for each course, please contact me for further details:

Experimenting With . . . Starts February 1st

Mondays 6-8pm. £200/all or £25/session

Week 1 February 1st: Experimenting with Place

During this week we will explore the way place and location shape and inform our writing. We will experiment with different ways of representing place as well as using place and location as a way to structure our writing.

Week 2 February 8th: Experimenting with Food

Who doesn’t love a good meal? How do we include our experience of eating into our writing? This week we will consider the various ways we can use food in our writing.

Week 3 February 15th: Experimenting with Looking and Seeing

This week we will explore what it means to look and see. We will use ekphrastic writing and other methods to stretch our writing.

Week 4 February 22nd: Experimenting with Listening

Mirroring our week on looking and seeing in this week we will consider the ways we can embed hearing and listening in our writing. We will once again explore ekphrastic writing and other methods to shape our words.

Week 5 March 1st: Experimenting with Gender

What does it mean to create gendered texts? How do we address gender in ways that show compassion and understanding? Can we create texts that are inclusive and explore the fludiity of gender? This week may not have answers to these questions, but will explore these questions through a variety of exercises.

Week 6 March 8th: Experimenting with Sex

After many requests I have succumbed to this week. How do we convey sex in our writing? Can we write sex in a way that is passionate and loving? How can we create writing that removes the shame around sex?


Week 7 March 15th: Experimenting with Classism

How is writing classist? How we can create texts that disrupt the capitalism surrounding books and writing? Not easy questions to answer, but in this week, we will work to explore this topic by considering not only how we write, but also why we write.

Week 8 March 22nd: Experimenting with Intertextuality

We live in a world full of words, language, and writing. How do we position our working within this archive of text. This week we will explore creative ways to engage with other texts.

Week 9 March 29th: Experimenting with Materials

In this week we will consider the materiality of writing, this includes what we write with and on and further how we envision the material versions of our writing in the world. We will explore through a variety of interactive and experimental exercises.

Week 10 April 5th: Optional Open Mic

Experimental Memoir Part Two, starts February 10th

Wednesdays 6-8pm £125 or £25/session

Week 1 February 10th: Family

One of the biggest questions when working on memoir is how will my family react? How can I write about family members that are still living? In this week we will explore ways of approaching these questions through various writing exercises and examples.

Week 2 February 17th: Structures

In this week we will explore a whole range of structural choices we can make for memoir. This includes non-linear time, footnotes, spacing, and more. The writing exercises will give us space to explore various things we can do in structure to expand our text.

Week 3 February 24th: Visuals/Images

What images do we include in our text? Photos? Art? This week will investigate ways of embedding visuals and images with the written word. Come prepared with images you love as we will write with them and in response to them.

Week 4 March 3rd: Humour

In this week we will explore turning the horrible into the funny. Writing about the embarrassing things we have experienced.  It isn’t the easiest thing to capture humour in writing, but through a variety of writing exercises we will make an attempt!

Week 5 March 10th: Pain

Pain can have a variety of meanings and present in our lives in various ways. Physical pain, emotional pain, inherited pain. This week will investigate how we can use our pain as a resource for creative work. We will also explore how we can experiment in the ways we represent it on the page.

Week 6 March 17th: Writing about Writing

How can we use writing about writing as a way into our memoir? If we are writers than writing about our experience of writing can ground a story of who we are. This week we will write about our experiences and process of creating text as a way of talking about who we are.

Week 7 March 24th: Open Mic

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