Pay What You Can Workshops

Here you will find all the workshops I am offering on a one time basis. All of these workshops are offered on a pay what you can basis.

On Being Stuck, Again (Part 2)

Thursday May 13th 6-8pm

Join myself and Declan Wiffen as we lead you through another journey exploring the meaning of getting stuck. During the workshop we will explore new approaches to being stuck, sticky aesthetics and stickiness as survival. Open to all genres and levels. Come get sticky with us!

Writing With Your Pet

Wednesday June 2nd 6-8pm

Join me for an extremely experimental evening. For anyone with a pet. We will be writing to, for, from the perspective of, and with our pets! All pets welcome! This workshop is open to all genres and skill levels

On Being Fat 2

Thursday June 10th 6-8pm

Join me for another workshop dedicated to creative expression around the experience of fatness, fat-phobia, and fat-shaming. During this workshop we will be looking closely at several places of intersection including fatness and disability, fatness and class, and fatness and queerness. There is no need to have attended the first to join! Open to all genres and levels.

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