Spring Creative Writing Courses

You can sign up for all or some of the weeks.

All workshops are writing intensive and designed to get you experimenting in your writing.

There are a number of bursaries available for each course, please contact me for further details


Hybrid and Experimental Memoir..Starts March 31st

Wednesdays 5:30-7:30BST £180/all or £30/session

Week One March 31st: Time and Place

This week we will be focusing on the all important parts of a memoir, time and place. We will be looking at different ways we can experiment with both of these and trying out writing exercises that offer unique ways of representing both time and palce.

Week Two April 7th Research

This week we will be looking at how we can root personal narrative within a framework of research and essay writing. We will explore the topics that might be linked to your project and will do some writing that blends memoir with more critical/academic writing.

Week Three April 14th Fiction

This week will look at ways of embedding fiction as a component of memoir. Exploring ways of fictionalizing elements of the personal narrative as well as personification of varying parts of your project.

April 21st No Class

I will be on break this week!

Week Four April 28th Poetry

In this week we will be writing some poetry and looking at confessional poetry and other ways of expressing personal narrative through the lens of poetic writing. You don’t have to be a poet to attend! Writing exercises will get you exploring ways of taping into poetry as further expression of your story!

Week Five May 5th Trauma

This week we will be exploring ways to protect ourselves while writing about trauma. Exercises will get you experimenting with creative tactics that will allow you to create space for yourself.

Week Six May 12th Journaling with Guest Teacher Maria Sledmere

Join Maria and I as we explore what it means to keep a journal. How can journaling help with writing a longer project? How can you mine your journal for material to include your memoir

Week Seven May 19th Forms and Structures

In our last workshop of the series we will be experimenting with ways to bring all of your writing together. Exploring different kinds of structures and the ways that these can act as extensions of the writing.

Week Eight May 26th

Optional Open Mic Night

Experimental and Hybrid Forms.. Starts April 19th

For the first time ever, I will be running this course with my textbook as our reading material. The reading will always be optional but for each week you will be provided a PDF of the chapter from my textbook that correlates with our week’s theme. My hope is that it will give you deeper insight to each theme and during our workshops we will have a 30 min discussion period prior to our writing exercises to discuss the theme!

Mondays 6-8BST £210/all or £30/session

Week One April 19th Failure

How does failure guide us?

How does failure contribute to the creation of new form?

Is failure an essential and unavoidable part of being a creative writer?

How are success and failure connected?

How can we define failure to work for us?

Week Two April 26th The Body

What does it mean to process experience through a body?

How are our embodied experiences translated to the page?

In what ways can we view the blank page as a body?

Week Three May 3rd Memory, Time, and Dreams

What is the role of memory in writing?

What is hybrid memoir and how can we write it?

What is the intersection of memory with time and dreams?

How do dreams guide us in a process of creation?

Week Four May 10th Grief, Death, and Dying

How does grief hinder a process and practice of creative writing?

How does grief inspire a process and practice of creative writing?

In what ways can we imagine death and use experimental forms to represent it?

Do experimental forms open space for a processing of death and dying?

Week Five May 17th Love

Do the relationships we experience shape how we write and the forms we write?

How does love extend beyond people to inspire our writing?

What risks do we take with love that are reflected in writing?

Week Six May 24th Family and Community

What is collaborative writing and how is it an experiment?

Are our interactions with our families queer?

What is the community of thought?

How do we process family through language and form?

Week Seven May 31st Performance and Masks

Do we wear a mask? Can we remove it? How does it impact our writing?

What is the performance of writing?

What is the performance of reading?

In what ways do experimental and hybrid forms perform on the page?

Week Eight June 7th Othering

What is the process of othering?

Can there be a process of unothering?

Is the genre of hybrid and experimental forms other? How does the form create a space for other and marginalized voices?

Week Nine June 14th Optional Open Mic

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