“Tawnya Renelle saved my manuscript! I can’t recommend Tawnya’s services highly enough. While being able to draw out what was best in my writing, her meticulous, clear and direct feedback gave me the confidence to make some vital revisions to my work as a whole. What really gives her advice clout is her wide-ranging knowledge of experimental literature, so that I never felt I was getting a cheap ‘off the peg’ solution, even if some of the proposed changes were easy to implement. The one-on-one follow-up feedback session afterwards was also extremely useful in terms of identifying publishing opportunities and promotional strategies, and her understanding of lay-out and structuring ideas made me see my project with fresh eyes. Anyone sitting on a dusty word-file waiting for some wise muse to come along and give it that special lift would do well to invest in Tawnya’s help. “

Matt Travers

“I just wanted to say that the ordinary and universal things you bring quite naturally into the open, for airing and observation are quite beautiful (including your battles with body image) – and something many of us share.  The text, images and films you send, most of which are new to me, have given me new perspectives on the world, and my work. You are beautiful, and help others make that beauty for themselves, and that’s inspiring.  Thank you.”

Linda Quinn

“Tawnya’s knowledge of hybrid writing leaves no stone unturned: she’s read it, she’s written it, and she’s taught it. I have found materials in her reading lists that I had not encountered anywhere else, and I am immensely grateful for it. As a teacher, Tawnya is open-hearted, keenly aware of putting her students first. Her workshops never feel overwhelming, even though they are quick-paced and designed for maximum writing time. She is kind and receptive. Taking her courses has helped me preserving a creative writing practice even in periods of heavy work load.”

Maria Gil Ulldemolins

“This is my first year as a postgrad and I have been away from formal education for a while. It has been a very odd year academically with 2 strikes and a pandemic, and having the opportunity to come together as a group and write and talk feels really valuable. It feels both productive and socially necessary. I especially appreciate the non-judgemental openness of the sessions and love that we are are not always gearing up to ‘share’ our pieces at the end. This changes and deepens the experience of writing. I have learned both from the content and the delivery of your workshops! So thank you.”

Lynnda Wardale 

“Tawnya is a marvelous teacher – she creates a nurturing and supportive environment which offers participants the freedom to explore and take chances on the page. In my case, this has led to some of my best writing to date. Her experience in both creativity and academia make her workshops accessible, no matter your background. The extensive range of resources and exercises that we’ve covered have truly stretched my imagination, allowing me to think outside the box, telling the stories that I want to tell in a more inventive and exciting way.”

David Atkinson

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